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Staying Well throughout Winter

How using Essential Oils can boost your immune system and make winter not suck so much!

Two years ago, I found myself desperate for another way, a different way, to get through these tough months of cold days, little sun and too many germs. My kids were 5 and 3 and I dreaded taking them to the pediatrician. I dreaded giving them that pink medicine (why is it always pink?!) I felt a little too powerless over some of the ways that society was making me feel were the only options for treating sickness. I hated feeling like I was supposed to rush to the doctor every time someone was coughing or congested, because what if it’s a virus or turns into something weird?! What I wanted was to feel empowered to help my family stay well, and when we did feel something coming on, that we had the knowledge and the resources at our fingertips to grab, use and get better. (Disclaimer: I am not advising anyone to stop going to doctors. I am not a doctor, and we do still see doctors. We have found great health support in essential oils and have added them to our wellness routine).

At the same time, I was going through some of my own health issues. A year or so earlier, I had been diagnosed with two conditions and was immediately, with no options given, put on prescription medications, of which I was told I would take for the rest of my life. You know, no big deal, just take these processed chemicals every day for the next 50 years. Of course I questioned what other ways I could treat these ailments and I was told that the prescriptions were the “standard course of treatment” and there was no other way. Wellllll….maybe you haven’t met me yet, doctor, but I’m not one to say “ok” when someone tells me there is no other way. But that day, sadly, I accepted what was told to me because I was scared. I was scared and wanted to get better and so I believed the lie that medication was the only option.

That’s where essential oils come in. I had dabbled in oils a few years earlier when dipping my toes into the whole natural, chemical free world through a skincare company. They used oils in their products so I had an understanding of how and why these things were supposed to be good for you. I even had a little gathering at my home where a rep came and talked to us and showed us some ways to use the oils. I ordered lavender, lemon and peppermint. And they sat unopened for…awhile. Because I really didn’t know or understand how these oils could help me. I thought they just smelled good. I didn’t have a diffuser or any way that I felt was the “right” way to use the oils. I suppose what I was really missing was the knowledge….knowledge about oils, yes, but also about myself, my kids and how I was going to need ways to help us all.

So, when that time came, with the combination of my diagnoses and the need for a better way to help my kids and empower myself as a mom, I was ready. I had met a woman who used oils, had little kids, and talked about how the oils helped them all stay healthy. Say what?! So these things don’t just smell good, they actually serve a very useful purpose! So after a few months of research, hearing other people’s testimonies, and getting more desperate, I went to her class and bought my kit. Right away I was putting a few drops of RC in coconut oil and rubbing that on our chests at night when we needed it to help us breathe better. I was diffusing thieves because I understood that it would kill the bad germs, but not the good ones (because our bodies need to be able to fight off a lot of this stuff!). I added lemon because it helps flush the lymphatic system. I used peppermint when my stomach was upset. I put the roller top on the stress away and rolled that baby all over myself. I put frankincense in the palm of my hand, rubbed it on my face and took deep breaths. Many deep breaths (I highly recommend this). I think the best part was really being able to see and feel that we were getting sick less often, and when we did, we’d use all the oils, all the time….and start feeling better pretty darn quickly. Like within a few hours or by the next day, at least. I can tell you that I did not feel this way, or have these results, with the medication I was taking. I can also tell you that while some things may have worked for my kids, I can now see real differences in their ability to fight off illness. Their immune systems are stronger.

Taking small steps in the beginning helped me gain knowledge and confidence with oils. I didn’t change everything overnight. I primarily used Thieves, RC, Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender….well ok I used a bunch of them in a lot of different ways, and I still do today. We do simple, basic things each day to support our body systems. We saw, and continue to see, results so we keep using oils. We diffuse, we make rollers, handsoap, jacked up honey (see recipe below), bath salts….oh, and I am also off all medications, using only oils and oil infused products to support my health. More on that later….

So if you feel your wintertime routine could use a makeover, perhaps try some oils. I honestly don’t think you have anything to lose. And as an added bonus, exploring oils and learning to make some products is really fun, especially when you get the kids involved! So Happy Oiling to you all, and if you need help getting started, I hope to hear from you! Find me through hOMePYM, on FB as Stephanie Alison, or IG as ostephaniealison.

Here is one of my favorite recipes for supporting our immune systems during the winter (or anytime, really), borrowed from my friend Sarah:

Jacked Up Honey

4 oz raw honey

5 drop thieves vitality oil

2 drops peppermint vitality oil

4 drops lemon vitality oil

2 drops orange vitality oil

1 drop oregano vitality oil

Mix all ingredients in a 4 oz glass mason jar.

Kids take 1 tsp daily to support immune system.

Adults take 1 Tbsp daily, increase for extra support.

Guest Blog Contributor: Stephanie Owsiany

Beginning to use oils catapulted Stephanie into a new world of health and wellness. She sought out the highest quality oils she could find to use for health and wellness and has made significant changes in her and her family’s lifestyle in just a few years. Because of what she has learned and how their lives have improved, she has a passion to share this way of life with all who seek change and a healthy lifestyle. She has learned from more experienced oil users, aromatherapists, nutritionists, and holistic and wellness gurus throughout her journey. Additionally, she continues to take classes, research and experiment as often as possible to increase her knowledge. Stephanie has retail items for sale at hOMePYM and offers workshops at hOMePYM and other local venues.

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