Psychotherapy at hOMe unifies mind, body & spirit, helping heal wounds of the past to transform lives today. Clinical staff are licensed psychotherapists with postgraduate therapy studies who are certified in holistic healing. An integrated approach brings the best methods from across the world to empower the client on their journey.

Women's Healing & Transformation Program

The Women's Healing and Transformation Program is a holistic psychotherapy treatment that aides women in the process of self-realization. Somatic & experiential methods integrate the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual being to address all aspects of the human experience, resulting in a safe space for women to heal life's deepest wounds while paving the way to a bright future full of hope.

If you are interested in any of our specialized or general psychotherapies, please contact us for a free consultation

Individual Therapy

One-on-one psychotherapy/counseling will benefit individuals who desire true mind-body-spirit integration. Clinicians aid clients in finding the authentic self that lies beyond limiting beliefs, experiences & behaviors. This is accomplished through a supportive combination of somatic (body-based) methods, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and trauma therapy.


Individuals who seek therapy at hOMe face a wide range of struggles & desires for change. A hOMe clinician consults with each potential client to find the therapist who suits their needs the best.

Couples Therapy

Any relationship can hit a bump in the road - that’s when an outside perspective is valuable to help it move forward. Therapy can help couples at any juncture in their journey, whether it is a new couple or marriage therapy.  Sessions provide the structure and the tools for safe, constructive, heart-based communication to resolve conflict, while creating a space for a generous, compassionate understanding between partners.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a beneficial addition to individual therapy - transformations happen in a group setting that go beyond what occurs in individual therapy alone.

Groups are process based: participants discuss what's going on in the room with the group, as well as what's going on in everyday life. Groups are a safe space to receive and deliver feedback, plus reflect on emotions, ideas, and struggles. Somatic techniques help participants engage with their bodies as part of the therapy process.

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