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About Us

hOMe Psychotherapy, Yoga & Meditation is on a mission to inspire individuals to awaken to their highest potential through the integration of contemporary psychotherapy with holistic healing methods.

About Us

hOMe Psychotherapy, Yoga & Meditation is a healing collaborative dedicated to personal transformation. We provide services to help individuals reach their highest potential: psychotherapy/counseling, yoga instruction, meditation instruction, holistic healing, and retreats & events.


Our primary locations are: The Big Island of Hawaii and Berks County, PA (.5 hours from Philadelphia and 2.5 hours from Washington, DC and New York City, NY)

Retreats are also offered throughout the continental United States.

About Us

Approach to Holistic Therapy

hOMe employs therapeutic practices to support individuals in their exploration of life's journey. Here, clients have an opportunity to expedite personal metamorphosis through a multi-modality healing experience that combines Western science with Eastern traditions.


The center appeals to persons seeking a deeper experience than standard 1-to-1 counseling or a weekly yoga class. Psychotherapy & counseling clients are encouraged - not required - to try yoga, meditation, breathwork, and other practices as an adjunct to therapy. Non-therapy clients will find many avenues for personal transformation via healing services, classes, and retreats. 


For Professionals...

We specialize in blending psychotherapy & counseling with holistic healing. Client backgrounds include general seekers of spiritual growth & holistic wellness; Complex PTSD; attachment trauma; depression; anxiety; mood dysregulation; history of alcoholic homes; borderline, enmeshed and/or narcissistic parenting; childhood neglect & abuse; sexual/physical trauma; parent/guardian mental illness; difficult life transitions; cult abuse; professional burnout; and, stabilized substance abuse and addiction. 

Therapeutic techniques include EMDR, somatic experiencing, psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychodrama, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, inner child exploration & the Internal Family Systems Model. Holistic modalities include yoga, meditation, energy healing & supportive, non-discriminatory exploration of client spirituality. 

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Meet The Founders

Meet Us


Clinical social worker, retreat facilitator & yoga/meditation instructor Caroline believes that every moment is a chance to come hOMe to the heart.


Holistic healer, yoga/meditation instructor and retreat campus creator Christopher will work with you through anything, no matter how difficult.

Meet The Team

Kristina - Bio pic_edited.jpg

hOMePYM Dir. of Operations

Coach | Creative | Facilitator


Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), MA, RYT

christina - bio_edited.jpg

Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer, RYT - 500

kate and suki_edited.jpg

Chakradance™ & Energy Facilitator


Creator of Play & Joy


Jeannie Savage

RYT-200 Yoga, Pranayama instructor, Life Coach

In the News
Meet the Team

In the News

January 04, 2019

Body keeps the score. Help it release emotional blockage...

As a holistic individual and group psychotherapist, as well as a yoga and meditation instructor, integrating and understanding the body-mind-heart-spirit connection is the cornerstone of the transformational process in my work.

The body cannot be free, loose and relaxed and the heart open when the mind is full of racing thoughts, self-doubt, terror or confusion.

October 04, 2018

Creating sacredness in our everyday lives

Raising our energetic vibration to the qualities of sacredness - lightness, peace and contentment - is very possible if we understand the basic quantum physics of sacredness. In order to create sacredness, we must engage in activities and thoughts that are high vibrating. This is mostly done by slowing down and opening our hearts.

August 31, 2018

Social media impacts women's holistic mental health

How many times a week do you feel even just slightly defeated by an image that is scrolling on your smartphone? Did you know some folks in the clinical world call this constant angst social media disorder?

May 06, 2018

Can people learn to cut their cellphone use to a healthy level?

Cellphone addiction is like other addictions on steroids, but is similar behaviorally and physiologically, said Caroline Culverhouse-Neithamer. "The instant gratification and constant opportunity for searching keeps the dopamine cycle in a constant loop," she said.

April 01, 2018

Living Well: Healing by using psychotherapy, yoga and meditation

My endless passion for women's healing began on day 31 of my stay at the Caron Foundation during 2007, when I was not sent back to New York City to continue my doctoral studies in clinical psychology as planned.

February 04, 2018

When the costs of shopping get too high

Caroline Culverhouse-Neithamer explains some signs of a true retail addiction could be hiding purchases from family and friends, forgetting about purchases and incurring debt. "In the extremes, your mind is consumed by it," Culverhouse-Neithamer said. "When can I shop next?"

August 18, 2016

Therapy center brings it hOMe

Husband-wife team shares knowledge of recovery and trauma through their business.

March 11, 2013

Get Inspired! Project - Caroline Culverhouse

Toni Reece interviews Caroline Culverhouse about helping people get involved in selfless service and conscious action.

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