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Christopher Mansur Neithamer

E-RYT, Hurqalya   Energy Healer, iamHeart   Private Retreat Guide



Christopher (or “Chris”) Neithamer is pleased to have co-founded hOMe Psychotherapy, Yoga, and
Meditation with Caroline. 

Christopher has had a long journey of self-exploration, personal work, and training that led him from
the Reconnaissance Marines to meditation, energy healing, yoga, and conscious carpentry and
contracting services.

His primary specialty is helping people create and maintain beautiful spaces in their homes and
businesses with renovations, repairs and improvements. He built the main lodging house, yurt and
retreat center on the hOMe PYM campus! His other specialty is Hurqalya energy healing in which he
spiritually treats issues such as depression, infertility, diabetes, emotional wounds, and more. He has
helped heal hundreds of people from issues that were difficult to treat using western medicine alone.
Christopher also teaches alignment-based flow yoga and Heart Rhythm Meditation in private and
group settings. His teaching style is warm, down-to-earth, safe, helpful, and caring.
Christopher’s greatest passion is helping others discover their heart, so that they can live peaceful,
joyful, loving lives of purpose and intention.
More can be discovered about Christopher at his new personal website at

Performing Hurqalya Energy Healing
Baddha Utthita Parsvakonasana
Headstand yoga pose
Teaching Meditation



Holistic Modalities

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