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Women's Healing & Transformation Program

Holistic Psychotherapy

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"Discovering What Is" Client Testimonial for Women's Program at hOMe PYM

"Discovering What Is" Client Testimonial for Women's Program at hOMe PYM

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About the Program


Developed by hOMe PYM co-founder Caroline Culverhouse, MSS LCSW, CGP, E-RYT the Women's Healing & Transformation Program is a holistic psychotherapy treatment that aids women in the process of personal transformation.

It combines somatic & experiential methods to integrate the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of human experience, providing a safe space for women to heal core wounds and original pain. 

The Program catalyzes growth in women seeking deeper healing as an adjunct to traditional talk therapy or mentorship with a trusted adviser or coach. Participants emerge with an expanded worldview that acknowledges past trauma while providing for a bright, hopeful future.


Over 130 women have participated in the program since its foundation in 2013.

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Benefits of Participation

Women who have proceeded through the Program say that they:

  • Become happier, healthier, and more resilient by redirecting personal energy towards attuning to the self

  • Find their life's purpose by changing how the past shapes the present

  • Know techniques to stabilize the nervous system that help to mitigate somaticized illness, anxiety, and depressive symptoms over time, while helping them lead a more balanced life

  • Understand themselves better after gaining psychoeducation on trauma, family wounds, attachment, codependency, defense mechanisms, and personality structure

  • Explore ancient holistic wisdom as part of the healing process

  • Connect with a community of women who live a life beyond the surface


Program Format

Participants progress through the Program in an outpatient retreat-style setting over the course of two to six years. Retreats range from three to seven days. 

Each part of the program progresses women through a different stage in the complex path of healing. The parts have optional supplements that deepen the experience, such as mentorship, psychotherapy groups, or workshops.

Women self-pace through the program depending on personal preference and therapeutic progress. Average length of completion is three years.

Retreats take place at peaceful locations in Reading, PA or at residential retreat centers throughout the United States. 

Therapeutic Foundations

Contemporary, empirically-verified psychotherapy & ancient Eastern healing modalities combine for a holistic healing process for women.

Psychotherapeutic Modalities
  • Psychodynamic group process

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Somatic Awareness & Release Method pioneered by hOMe PYM

  • Trauma Release Exercises

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Inner child exploration

  • Non-verbal & verbal experiential action methods

  • Psychodrama

  • Journaling

Holistic Modalities
  • Yoga: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TM), Yin yoga, restorative yoga, Katonah (TM) yoga, yoga nidra, and Kundalini yoga

  • Meditation: Heart Rhythm Meditation (TM), Heart Math (TM), pranayama, and mindfulness meditation

  • Sound healing, including gong therapy

  • Creative arts

  • Soul retrievals with inner journeying

Participation Fees

Participants pay on a per-retreat basis. Flexible long-term payment plans available. 

Participants receive a free consultation with the head facilitator before each retreat. If consent is given, a facilitator will consult with the participant’s primary therapist before & after retreats. 


Program founder Caroline Culverhouse, MSS, LCSW, CGP, E-RYT created the Women’s Healing & Transformation Program based on personal experience from a lifetime of psychoanalysis & somatic psychotherapies plus a devotion to mind-body-spirit healing. Her professional qualifications in somatic psychology, relational psychoanalysis, experiential psychotherapy, yoga, and meditation form the foundations of the Program.

Today, the Program offers an outstanding group of expert clinicians and holistic practitioners who provide supportive, nurturing facilitation. Team members include Tara Elliot, MA, LPC, RYT and others. 

Curious to learn more? Download the Women's Program guide by clicking the button below.

Program Disclaimer

The Women’s Healing & Transformation Program is not a substitute for care provided in an inpatient setting. Participants must be minimum 6 months stable from self-harming and/or active addiction before beginning the Program. Enrollment in Part I retreat A, the first retreat of the Program, is open to all. does not require concurrent individual psychotherapy. Enrollment in Part I retreat B - Part IV of the Women's Healing & Transformation Program requires individual work with a trusted adviser, preferably a licensed psychotherapist. Referrals available upon request.

Trademark Disclaimer

Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. hOMe PYM reserves no right to these trademarks and recognizes the right of the owners to rescind their use at any time. hOMe PYM staff have been certified in the trademarked methods by the owners of the trademarks.

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