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Couples Therapy - Virtual Only

What if you and your partner could...


1. Permanently break through barriers in communication?

2. Explore how childhood and family of origin histories influence each of you?

3. Feel safe to be your authentic selves while being truly seen and heard?

4. Find clarity, compassion, and gratitude for the journey?

5. Create an action plan for continued healing and growth for each individual and for the relationship?

Couples therapy at hOMe provides the structure and the tools for safe, constructive, heart-based communication to resolve conflict while creating space for a generous, compassionate understanding between partners. An expert clinician will be handpicked from hOMe staff to meet the couple's needs.

Experience shows that if there a willingness to change, conflict can be tenderly examined and harvested for its gold. Healing within a relationship has the power to heal the deepest wounds of life!

Couples Therapy Sessions

Couples therapy consists of weekly or bi-weekly hourly sessions focused on clear, honest, heart-based communication to resolve conflict and move into a place of healthy, fulfilling connection with each other. Homework is given between visits to continue the positive momentum created in sessions.  

Couples Therapy Weekend Intensive


This program is best for couples who feel their relationship is challenged. Caroline will help both partners understand the past, the present, and the possibilities of the relationship. The result may be a relationship renewal, an adjustment, or a clear, compassionate ending. 

Couples learn and practice specific tools for safe, constructive conversation. They undertake activities designed to demonstrate and shift patterns in behavior and emotional expression (or non-expression) in the relationship.


Some couples seek facilitation because they need help parting ways. These couples are welcome. The activities and communication practices will aid both partners in connecting with what they want and what they need, regardless of the other's desired outcome.  

Available for new clients

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