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Group Therapy

About Group Therapy


​Group therapy is a beneficial addition to individual therapy. Transformations happen in a group setting that go beyond what occurs in individual therapy alone.

hOMe psychotherapy groups are process based & use somatic techniques. Participants discuss what's happening in the room within the group, as well as what's happening in their everyday lives. Groups are a safe space to receive and deliver feedback, plus reflect on emotions, ideas, and struggles.  Somatic techniques help participants engage with their bodies as part of the therapy process. 

The primary therapeutic methods used in hOMe psychotherapy groups are psychodynamic group process, meditation, and the hOMe Somatic Awareness & Release Method.

Participants receive a FREE consultation session prior to registration to ensure that their needs would be well-suited to the particular group setting.

In Person Group Format

Each group begins with a brief movement and breath practice, then shared discussion. Throughout the session, facilitators encourage participants to check in with their breath and move their body when they feel emotionally stuck or uncomfortable.

Groups are facilitated in a trauma-focused manner with attention to grounding and titration (pausing and slowly approaching difficult experiences). Participants wear comfortable clothing. The group sits in a circle on a choice of a meditation cushion or BackJack floor chair.

Duration is approximately 1.5 hours. Approximately 45 minutes is spent processing.


Benefits of Group Therapy may include:

  • A sense of belonging and of feeling seen and heard

  • Reduction in shame, embarrassment, and anxiety

  • Improved self-esteem, self-identity, and empathy

  • Improvement in interpersonal skills and in coping skills

  • Help in challenging negative beliefs 

  • Improved relationships in everyday life

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