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Are you Awakening?

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Over the last month I have been posting more regularly on social media about what many call “the ascension process.” For some of you, this content will sound insane. This blog, then, is not for you…at least not now. For others of you, you will find yourself in the list of symptoms and experiences below and perhaps little light bulbs will turn on. My wish for you is that you allow those little light bulbs to keep turning on until your entire being is a star that lights the path for others to join you. Read and study more about the ascension process. Immerse yourself in meditation. Trust your path is finding you, just as much as you are finding your path.

From a metaphysical, esoteric perspective of human life, the entire purpose of our existence is to wake up. The great paradox of human life is that we come into form, into this third dimensional reality, into our bodies and our time here on earth, in order to understand that we are not our bodies or 3D selves at all. We are the creator knowing itself through being created (the “father” knowing itself through “son” (i.e. each one of us). We are everything that exists. As we begin to awaken (i.e. ascend) we start to lose attachment and identification with our individuated form and instead begin to merge back into the cosmic oneness in which we came. All mystic paths - Sufism, Christian Mysticism (many terms for this one), Kabbalah and many branches of Hinduism, etc. are specifically intended to give us the roadmap to ascension. Heaven and hell merely refer to vibration, to frequencies. How do we bring heaven to earth? We raise our vibration. We wake up.

The “ascension process” term as it is used today refers both to what’s happening to Mother Earth and what’s happening to her inhabitants. Many believe Mother Earth (and the whole galaxy really) is going through a vibrational upgrade which allows us access to higher and higher dimensions of reality (meaning beyond this time, space form dimension we call our everyday lives). The ascension process as it refers to the individual is the process though which each person attunes to these vibrations and undergoes an entire upleveling of their energetic, psychic, physical multi-dimensional self. It could be argued that the term ascension process is a bit silly considering the entire purpose of human life is to ascend. Everyone is ascending whether they know it or not and whether they are on the super slow track or the fast track. We’re all going home eventually. So, for our purposes, we will use the term ascension process to refer to the experiences of those going though this process rather quickly right now and really feeling and reacting to all the shifts the earth itself is going through. This is a phenomenon I could not help but study as it has been happening to me for many years and because about 60% of the clients and students who arrive at my doorstep seem to be going through obvious symptoms of ascension. And please note, I am highly trained and experienced at this point in understanding the difference between psychopathology and symptoms of spiritual awakening. They can look the same and one can certainly provoke the other. But, in essence, ascension is about total consciousness and clarity not unconsciousness and delusions. There is a very easy way to determine, for example, the voices of inner guidance and our spirit helpers from the voices of internalized parental introjects from one’s childhood.

I have compiled a list of experiences and symptoms I have personally experienced and/or observed in all those I have encountered along the way as well as ones I have read about in the broader international community of those speaking and writing about the ascension process. This list is by no means a comprehensive list. It just touches at the surface of the many iterations of what more active waking up looks like. I encourage you to read my previous posts on Instagram @carrieculverhouse and Facebook on the topic as well as do your own research. I will also be sharing another post on our basic psychic gifts where I explain some of the below symptoms in more detail.

I certainly can’t tell you what to do with this information. We all have our own path to follow. But from my heart to yours…If many of these symptoms and experiences apply to you, it is really worth your attention. It is not by accident you are being upleveled. There is a purpose. And the world needs you as awake as possible right now. Integrating the shadow into the light is our mission. Creating a new world together as more and more people awaken—a world in which our minds and heart’s transcend 3D duality consciousness (i.e. right vs. wrong; good vs. bad; war vs. peace)—seems to be the pull of this wave of cosmic, vibrational upgrading.

If you would like to join me on the Leveling Up: Owning the Ascension Process Retreat in Sedona October 23-27th, we will be discussing this all more in detail while learning practices that help us ride this opening with grace, joy and grounding. More details at There are two spots left for those staying at the house and 2 spots left for those commuting to the retreat each day. Please click here to find out more information.

Shifts in Perspectives, Values and Core Beliefs (i.e. Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakra Opening)

1. You let go of tribal mentality or tribal mentality seems to let go of you (i.e. this is me and my family; I have this last name and am related to so and so; this is me and my nation; or me and my ethnic group; or me and my gender group; or me and my political group). Instead you experience yourself as a citizen of humanity at large.

2. You experience a truth that cannot be explained in words.

3. You understand there is no one to blame. Period. There is no blame. But change still requires compassionate, heart centered action.

4. You understand that children know more about the heart’s truth, intuition, and joy than adults and therefore have a lot to teach and remind us about the gift of human life.

5. You care more about how your words and actions affect others than how theirs affect you.

6. The question is no longer “What do you do?” but rather “Who and how are you?

7. The world touches your heart deeply. Sometimes you cry at the tenderness of it all.

8. You don’t care about someone’s social, academic or economic status. You care about how open their heart is and how they treat themselves and others.

9. It’s less important that you are understood than you are understood.

10. You begin to understand karma as an impersonal law of nature based deeply in intention over actual action as opposed to believing in some punitive punishing God that is separate from you.

11. You understand there are no guarantees in life except change.

12. You see things happening that appear very bad and scary but have a deep knowing that the chaos is not random or purposeless.

13. Authenticity becomes much more important than fitting in or being liked by all.

14. You know there is no one above you or below you. Not even a guru. Not even a felon on death row. You are equal with all and all are equal with you.

15. The attachment to the fancy car, house, clothes, etc. slips away. They aren’t bad. You don’t push them away. They can be enjoyed. They just aren’t important anymore. You care more about the energy of something than its material value.

16. You know you have a role to play in the construction of what is good and the destruction of what is hurting the world and its people. But while playing the role, you don’t overly attach to it or its outcomes. You trust the process and you trust the power of intention.

17. You understand that your beliefs create your thoughts and your thoughts make manifest the realities of your life. Therefore, if you want to change your world, you must change your beliefs.

18. You understand that the entire world is a projection of your own mind so if you want to change the world, change yourself.

19. You understand the path of the heart is the only way. An open heart, opens hearts.

20. You begin to let go of victim consciousness as you increasingly realize there was something going on behind the scenes all along even though you didn’t remember ever reading the script or choosing the characters of your life story.

21. You no longer believe in bad people or good people but rather more and less awake people—all on a dimension, nothing static.

22. You begin to let go of the stories you have about your own life and the people in it and live in the now.

Angelic/Descended and Ascended Master Activation, General Chakra Opening, Psychic Center Opening and Physical Kundalini Awakening Symptoms:

1. You can see spirits, beings, energy in complete form as moving shadows from the corner of your eye.

2. You see an eye look at you when you close your eyes.

3. You have out of body experiences that seem to come out of nowhere (and sometimes can feel quite scary, especially when driving or in public places).

4. You see colors when you close your eyes.

5. You speak in “tongues” (i.e. love language/light language/love-light language) in your sleep, in meditation, prayer, or during other spiritual or energetic work.

6. You see auras around people, animals and/or objects.

7. You feel energy and pressure on top of and in back of your head.

8. You receive “downloads” of information about a topic, situation, or experience that come in meditation, sleep and/or simply closing your eyes and centering yourself.

9. You often experience a hot, burning sensation in your inner and outer ears.

10. You hear ringing and different frequencies of sound in your inner ear.

11. You feel your palms and/or soles of your feet heat up suddenly.

12. You hear guidance come in from the back of your head or throat.

13. You feel inside yourself (in your own body) other people’s emotions.

14. You feel inside your body other people’s physical discomforts.

15. You lucid dream.

16. You have dreams in which you are in an elevated state of consciousness and receive guidance from a higher dimension.

17. You astral travel, leaving your body and traveling to other dimensions in waking time or in sleep often visiting the same places night after night in sleep.

18. You auto-write.

19. You channel and transmit information while teaching or lecturing, almost as if someone else is teaching through you (which they are).

20. You feel cold chills or burning in your body and have no other explanation for the temperature change.

21. You just know. There is no other way to explain it. You just know information about a situation or person, and you are proven right.

22. Your intuition is not confused with fear or anxiety. You begin to trust your gut and your own heart over what other people may believe or express.

23. You have a very strong urge to go to certain locations in nature (beach, desert, mountains, forest) with no “logical” explanation.

24. You feel the energy of a person, situation or place (even when you don’t want to)!

25. You open to your ability to heal others with your own energy.

26. You discover the power of the breath in transforming almost any situation and shifting the energy and atmosphere of everything around you.

27. You have merger experiences in which you fall into Oneness.

28. You begin to feel as though you are observing yourself playing at humanness, trying on this body, saying these words, playing this role. You are fully alive and conscious but completely unidentified or attached to the role you’re playing.

29. Your body or certain body parts begin to shake, quiver or convulse during physical intimacy.

30. Your body or certain body parts begin to shale, quiver or convulse during meditation, massage, energy work or yoga.

31. You wake up between 3:00 and 4:00 am often.

32. You feel intense rushes of energy while lying in bed trying to sleep.

33. You smell things unrelated to the environment you’re in like burning or a sweet flower.

Planetary and Lunar Shift Symptoms

1. You have sudden bouts of butterflies in the stomach that seem to come out of nowhere.

2. You have sudden need to make a bowel movement even though you aren’t full and you’re not sick or nervous.

3. You experience rapid and unexplainable shifts in emotion that disappear as quickly as they appear.

4. You feel rapidly pulsing energy up and down the body.

5. You feel otherwise unexplained dizziness and lightheadedness.

6. You experience the cycles of your own moods and introspections based on the phases of the moon.

7. You experience yourself falling through space, weightless and infinite.

8. You merge in and out of 3D space, feeling yourself slip between the planes of existence.

9. You hear high pitched frequencies and tones often.

Life Change Symptoms and Experiences

  1. You move houses to one that has “better energy.”

  2. You move out of the city and into an area with more ready access to nature.

  3. You leave a relationship you never imagined you were going to leave.

  4. You experience more and more synchronicities.

  5. You see repeating number sequences often such as 11:11, 33, 333, 12:12, 4:44.

  6. You move to the place your heart resonates with, ignoring all others’ caution or “logic” and just trust and know it is where you belong and the next step on your journey.

  7. You have an experience with soul mate or twin flame energy (which runs the gamut of feeling good to completely turning your entire life upside down in order to discover your wholeness).

  8. You yearn for and seek out more solitude for meditation, relaxation and contemplation.

  9. You let go of superficial relationships.

  10. You are drawn to and seek out communities of people working on themselves and trying to be conscious and open hearted and minded humans.

  11. Drinking and drugging become less appealing. In fact, you may not even be able to get drunk anymore depending on how far along you are on the path. Your meditative higher self-consciousness perspective seems to really kill the ability to get your buzz on no matter how many drinks you toss down!

  12. You try out more and more things like yoga, Reiki, meditation, etc. and listen to podcasts and YouTube videos about spiritual topics.

  13. You begin to question systems that you used to take for granted or trust such as politics and religion.

  14. You begin to review your entire life, seeing where you got stuck and projecting yourself into the future.

  15. You resonate more and more with the content being shared by people like me who you might have previously felt were a little too out of the box for you.

  16. You begin to grieve your missed opportunities and missed connections as if to allow space for new ones to come.

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