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Setting Intentions & Managing Stress...with essential oils and crystals

(Guest Blog Contributor: Stephanie Owsiany)

Recently I read a post in an oils group that I’m in, and it was one of those “Is it odd or is it God” moments. The woman was writing about appealing to others who are stressed, and formulating a way to help them not only relieve their stress, but identify it, sit with it, and ultimately manage it in a healthy way through daily practices. I identified as someone who feels like I’m perpetually trying to manage my stress, and while I can identify it and acknowledge, I often lack the discipline to manage it by sticking with what I know are effective habits. So I have been mulling on this topic and wanting to help others navigate through some ways to care for themselves as well. Lucky for me this woman’s post was in a public group whose purpose is to help others with duplicable ideas for teaching essential oils classes, so we are free to borrow the ideas and tweak them in ways that apply to us. So I did just that, and put together a class with my good friend Michelle, who brings her own insight and brilliance to daily practices with a special twist: using crystals. A world into which I have not ventured very far, but I see the compliment between crystals and oils, setting intentions, creating space, having both stillness and movement, meditation and yoga. These are all wonderfully amazing tools that are available to anyone seeking a higher vibe, meaningful practices, intentional time, with an open heart and curious mind to the worlds of essential oils and crystals. Following is how we shared; if it attracts you, let’s talk more—or better yet, come to our next class. 

You’ll come in and chose an Intention box, and a seat. You’ll hear a little from me: my story with oils, the when & why; my history with yoga (more later on this); being a Mom (because that affects everything); and my stress. Yes, I get stressed. Quite a bit actually, so managing it is very important. You’ll hear from Michelle about her journey growing up, becoming a wife, a mom, a worker, a founder—all the different hats she (and most of us women) wear and how that can pull us in a million directions. She provides insight into crystals and how they affect us and can help us, giving us history on where they come from and how they have been used. Both of us have a strong passion for helping women navigate these phases of life through sharing our struggles, so you will feel that from each of us.

Next is some specific info on the What & How of oils—did you know they were man’s first medicine? Did you know they reach the brain in 22 seconds and affect every cell in the body in 20 minutes? Talk about highly effective....

We open our Intention box and see what crystals are inside. Don’t worry, no memorizing required: you’re taking your crystals and your crystal info card home in your intention box. You learn what your crystals are used for, and then we go right into how oils complement the use of crystals. We provide oils, recipes and roller bottles for you to choose which roller you want to make and take home with you, depending on your need and what speaks to you most. For this class we prepared a blend called Fearless and a blend called Grace. 

Now for a little yoga: I guided the group through a movement exercise to help you clear your mind and stimulate your body. Something that is especially beneficial to do in the middle of your workday. For me, yoga and essential oils together are like a double whammy: both are so good for your mind, body and spirit, and when used together, you are tapped in to your intentions, positive mindset, and are spiritually connected while physically relaxed. Ok the relaxation might come more after you do a yoga practice, but it will definitely come.

Speaking of relaxing, do you meditate? Do you know how to leave your thinking mind and just be? It’s not easy, I’ll be the first to admit. So we try a bit of a guided meditation, complements of Deepak Chopra and YouTube. (Ps need to know how to do, um, anything in life? Check YouTube. It’s there.) Ok back to our class, which is coming to an end, we dive into a 15 minute meditation that is just lovely, sitting, (hopefully) not thinking; just being. I find it easier to meditate with a little soft music and a gentle voice guiding me; otherwise, I have trouble quieting my thinking mind.

So at the end of this 90 minutes or so, we hope you feel more connected to yourself, with a few more tools to use throughout each day to pause, breathe, and reflect. You may feel better able to love yourself, or love others. You may find it easier to work through some emotions you are having. And surely you have just experienced some time well spent with yourself, for yourself, learning about yourself. And that, friends, is very important. 

We send you on your way with some printed materials and that Intention box that holds your crystals and oils, available for you to use as needed in times of stress, to start your day, end your day, and anywhere in between.

I look forward to continued sharing with you and hope to see and hear from you soon!

Guest Blog Contributor: Stephanie Owsiany

Beginning to use oils catapulted Stephanie into a new world of health and wellness. She sought out the highest quality oils she could find to use for health and wellness and has made significant changes in her and her family’s lifestyle in just a few years. Because of what she has learned and how their lives have improved, she has a passion to share this way of life with all who seek change and a healthy lifestyle. She has learned from more experienced oil users, aromatherapists, nutritionists, and holistic and wellness gurus throughout her journey. Additionally, she continues to take classes, research and experiment as often as possible to increase her knowledge. Stephanie has retail items for sale at hOMePYM and offers workshops at hOMePYM and other local venues.

FB: Stephanie Alison | IG: ostephaniealison | YL# 11099898

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