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Being productive: Stop the Insanity!

(Guest Blog Contributor: Stephanie Owsiany)

The other week I was running at one of my favorite places in the world, a recreation park called Grings Mill. If you’re local to the Reading area I’m sure you’re familiar with this location, or at least I hope you are. I’ve lived here my whole life and I have very fond memories of being there as a child, going down to the water’s edge, running in the grass, standing on Tully the Turtle. Now I take my kids there and watch them play and delight in similar ways, and I feel gratitude for having such natural beauty right here in my hometown. 

When I started running a few years ago, this quickly became one of my preferred places to run. I would start at the main entrance, and I soon learned that if I ran to the first real road (not path), it was 3 miles out and 3 miles back. So a 6 mile run became my goal. For a while I couldn’t run the whole thing, I would walk. I remember always watching the time because I would have about 2 hours between dropping my son off at preschool and having to pick him up again. At first, having any child free time was such an amazing thing, but I always thought I had to fit in as much as I possibly could in that time-frame. In fact I felt guilty that I was a stay-at-home mom and had enrolled my 2 year old in preschool. Like I was cheating, taking an easy way out on mom life. Isn’t a stay-at-home mom suppose to be home with kids, like, 24/7? How could I justify doing nothing, when already I wasn’t even working? Never-mind that raising children is the hardest job I’ve ever had times one million. People told me I needed to do something for myself, but at first, all I knew to do was exercise. I enjoyed it, I had given it up for so many years, so I was being good to myself and taking care of myself. And yes, I was, but I was squeezing it in between other productive activities like groceries or the bank or the library....I felt I had to meet every need that came up right away, that day. No one should have to go a day without a banana, right?! I’ll run to the store! You need new socks?! I’ll run to target! I thought I was accomplishing things and I justified not working by doing anything and everything else to make sure everyone was taken care of. Because that was my “job.” I didn’t believe that I deserved to spend my child-free time simply doing something I loved to do—and fully enjoying it— because that would be selfish. 

So back to this run a few weeks ago....I have slowly been giving myself permission to not be so stinking productive. To have hours, maybe even days, where I’m not thinking about what I’m getting done. I’m doing some things, yes, but I’m also just being. Or I’m going for a run, and that’s all I have time for that day. I realized during that run just how much I expect of myself, how much we all expect of ourselves, and each other. In this crazy high performance, high pressure society that we live, it’s all about accomplishments and productivity. And so many of us live in a constant state of stress, we never slow down, we eat on the run, we barely listen to each other. We ignore our bodies’ cries for help. That upset stomach, those chronic headaches. We cover them up with tums and Tylenol. But we don’t make changes to stop those symptoms from showing up.

This is where essential oils can help. (Were you wondering if I was going to get to oils?) Using oils helps me be present. They have helped me dive into my emotions, to feel them, and to be still. Being still is really, really hard for me. My brain is a constant flow of energy: thoughts, lists, plans. So the habit of using the oils slows me down and helps me be present, and the oils themselves effect the systems of my body that need support. If I pay attention to what my body is telling me, I have learned there are essential oils to help, but I have to be aware and make conscious decisions towards change. 

Conscious awareness of a symptom combined with stillness, paying attention to your body and essential oils can be hugely beneficial in our lives. If you feel unwell in some way, and would like some help addressing this, perhaps coming to an essential oil class will help. You really have nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain. Let’s stop feeling like we have to justify our time. Let’s stop measuring our self worth with how much we accomplish in one day. Instead, let’s pay attention to ourselves, to each other, to how we are feeling. Let’s make time for self care and know that we are worth it. Let’s invest in our health and wellness. I promise you, it is time well spent. 

Guest Blog Contributor: Stephanie Owsiany

Beginning to use oils catapulted Stephanie into a new world of health and wellness. She sought out the highest quality oils she could find to use for health and wellness and has made significant changes in her and her family’s lifestyle in just a few years. Because of what she has learned and how their lives have improved, she has a passion to share this way of life with all who seek change and a healthy lifestyle. She has learned from more experienced oil users, aromatherapists, nutritionists, and holistic and wellness gurus throughout her journey. Additionally, she continues to take classes, research and experiment as often as possible to increase her knowledge. Stephanie has retail items for sale at hOMePYM and offers workshops at hOMePYM and other local venues.

FB: Stephanie Alison | IG: ostephaniealison | YL# 11099898

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