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Introducing the hOMePYM Blog

I know we have posted some other general blog posts this summer when we launched our new website. But life got busy, and we did not do such a great job with keeping up with our blog. This post perhaps can be considered the intro to our blog, blog post. Welcome everyone!

Every week we will post a minimum of one blog pertaining to mind-body-spirit topics. In particular, I and several other hOMe staff members and guest contributors will be writing on topics ranging from mental health, parenting, spirituality, mysticism, alternative healing, yoga, psychotherapy, women’s health, and much more. All of us contributing to the hOMe Blog have a different tone, style of writing and area of expertise. Some of us are formal and professional. Some very informal (and even irreverent). All ways of expressing information are valid and true and therefore we have decided we cannot offer just one hOMe “voice.” I am hopeful the variety of voices and views we will publish will keep things interesting.

We appreciate any and all comments you may have for us as we try our very best to offer useful, inspiring and thought-provoking content each week. Your feedback and ability to be part of the conversation is what creates the life of a blog. We want our blogs always to be a conversation as opposed to us attempting to offer any “ultimate truth.”

Thank you for your interest, trust, and belief in hOMe PYM. It is our heartfelt desire to be helpful and supportive of you on your own journey of healing, transformation and awakening.

In Gratitude, Caroline, hOMe PYM Co-Founder

P.S. Also, for those of you signed up on our newsletter list (sign up here), you will receive a weekly meditation and/or wellness practice with written instructions or video guidance.

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