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Soma, Psyche and Spirit: 

An exploration of the practical and profound integration of our body, mind and spirit

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Soma, Psyche and Spirit

As folks on the spiritual and healing path, sometimes we may find that we feel like we have to outsource all our various needs and interests to several different healers, practitioners, venues, teachers and courses. We take our monkey mind to the therapist…our achy, need-to-stretch bodies to a yoga class…our spirit and energy to our church, temple, energy worker or meditation class. While any pursuit in the spirit of wellness and the remembrance of your wholeness is holy territory, sometimes the over pursuit of trying to cover all our bases can feel like a full-time job and can ironically make us end up feeling less whole.   


Some Psyche Spirit is a course developed by hOMe PYM co-founder Caroline Culverhouse, licensed clinical social worker and spiritual counselor and teacher, to help those of you on the spiritual and healing path learn more information about the hidden powers and resilience of your own bodies, minds, and spirits.


The course sets the frame for creating and allowing a conversation and collaboration between each part of yourself to help mitigate the tendency to over commit yourself in the pursuit of getting your various spiritual, physical and emotional growth needs met.


The course supports your intention to connect with your own intuition-- as it lives in your body, mind, and spirit—as the source of the greatest wisdom available to you.


The course is 17 weeks. It is divided up into three basic explorations of the body (soma), mind (psyche) and spirit and wraps up with a month in which we deeply explore and practice how to bring ourselves into a state of inner balance and union between body, mind and spirit.


Talking and information is not enough. We only retain about 20% of what we hear. As such there is a highly experiential component of this course. You will be given practical tools and practices in which to put the mind-body-spirit integration process into place in your everyday life.


Students who have taken this course report feeling profoundly up-leveled in their capacity to understand and honor themselves and in their capacity to better negotiate the world around them in a balanced and harmonious manner.

FORMAT: All classes take place on zoom. This is a closed group offering - meaning no one can join once the class begins on September 6th. We ask that you attend as many sessions as possible as each session builds on each other and the container of the group space is best preserved with consistency (but we understand, you may miss a few. Life happens on life’s terms! ONLY Caroline’s lecture/discussion portions of the course will be taped and available to participants of the course. Participants sharing their experiences will not be recorded.) This is a live class. As much as it may be fun to stare at pre-recorded videos of Caroline on YouTube talking to herself, she much prefers to interact with real humans when teaching. And it would likely be a lot more fun for you to interact with other people around the globe with your similar interest too given the amount of isolation most folks have experienced over the last two years!


  • Mondays September 6 - January 3

  • 7-8:30pm EST | 4-5:30pm PST | 1-2:30pm HST

  • 17 classes total


  • Month 1: Soma

    • Week 1 09/06/21: Introductions, orientation, what is the soma and why start with soma?

    • Week 2  (09/13/21): Resting into the body comfortably

    • Week 3 (09/20/21): Sneaky little ways we leave our body and how to stay in it safely

    • Week 4: (09/27/21)  Body Talk—talking to and listening to the messages from the body

  • Month 2: Psyche

    • Week 1 (10/4//21): What is the psyche actually? What are thoughts actually? What’s the purpose of the mind? What’s the ego?

    • Week 2 (10/11/21): Your ingenious self-preserving unconscious and the resilient ego—defense mechanisms and coping skills

    • Week 3 (10/18/21): What your unconscious mind has been up to all these years without you even knowing about it—more on defense mechanisms and the nature of 3D/4D reality

    • Week 4 (10/25/21) The power shifting your thoughts has on your body and spirit

  • Month 3:

    • Week 1 (11/1/21): What is spirit? What is soul? What is energy?

    • Week 2 (11/8/21): How do we feel energy and communicate with the soul?

    • Week 3 (11/15/21): Internal and external guidance? Don’t knock em’ just because you cant see them.  

    • Week 4 (11/29/21): The power of intuition and how you already know your truth

  • Month 4 (plus a week!*): Integrative Awakening

    • Week 1 (12/6/21): What Is integrative awakening? What’s the connection between mind, body, spirit?

    • Week 2 (12/13/21): The Heart: the seat of the soul and embodied integration

    • Week 3 (12/20/21): Very Basics of Heart Rhythm Meditation and listening to the heart

    • Week 4 (12/27/21): Kumbaya my lord! Using the body to heal the mind, mind to heal the body and spirit (energy) to heal them both

    • **Week 5 (1/3/22): Pulling it all together, Wrap up, review, virtual hugging it out, Begin the new year as a new you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1.5 hr/week; 17 Weeks

Registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Course

"This class burns very bright! It, Carrie & your classmates will challenge you to raise your vibration. After our first year (module) the amount of change (which is constant) for the group and individually is truly measurable. Do it!" - G.P.

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