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Soma, Psyche and Spirit

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Soma, Psyche and Spirit

Are you looking for an entryway into the deepest parts of you, into the realms of self that explore your mind but also go beyond its parameters?

Have you wanted to do the deep dive into esoteric topics but wanted to work with someone psychologically grounded and with their feet planted squarely on planet earth?


Have you been on the path of self-improvement, transformation and awakening for sometime and are looking for a way to learn how to integrate the different aspects of yourself? 

Do you want to grow and learn in your mind, body and spirit and not have to go to several different practitioners to attend to the needs of each part of yourself? 

If yes, we would like to invite you to a well received, signature online group with Caroline:  Soma, Psyche and Spirit.

Overall goal: This course is intended to help you become a more integrated, aware, awake, Alive multidimensional human being with more capacity to give and receive goodness! You deserve it!

What participants  will gain:
1) a much deeper understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and how no part of your being can be separated from the other
2) deeper knowing of oneself as a metaphysical being who is way more powerful than what you may believe
3) an understanding of ones own and others unconscious motives beyond what meets the eye
4) effective tools to help regulate the nervous system and activate and energize the energy body
5) understand your own psychic gifts and how to use them to access your intuition, enhance your life experience and experience and connection with others
6) learn how to protect and clear your energy so you feel strong, centered and calm and not bulldozed by others emotions
7) experience and understand the power of the breath in changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors​


  • Class 1-4: Heart Rhythm meditation basics and element breaths including spiritual and physiological importance of the breath

  • Class 5-9: Chakras - activating, clearing, psychological, physical and metaphysical exploration 

  • Class 10-12: Psychic and Empathic Intuitive Gifts -- exploring, activating and understanding clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairolfaction, and clairsentience 

  • Class 12-15: Psychological defense mechanisms and coping mechanisms 

  • Class 16: wrap up, review, questions


Each class includes a check in, meditation, and exploration of the topic of each week followed by question and answer and closing 

Course Times/Dates: 

  • Every Wednesday 7-8:30pm EST, beginning Jan 13, 2021

  • 16 classes total

  • Zoom: We will meet on the impressive online platform called “Zoom.” No need to worry, all you need to do is download Zoom onto your computer or phone. There is no fee. There will be a link at the bottom.

Payment Info/Options: 

  • $899 Early Registration when paid in full by December 1,2020

  • $999 if paid in full after December 1st

  • WEEKLY & MONTHLY PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE - email office for options


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1.5 hr/week; 16 Weeks

$899 Early Reg by 12/01

$999 thereafter

>Payment plans available<

Registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Course

"This class burns very bright! It, Carrie & your classmates will challenge you to raise your vibration. After our first year (module) the amount of change (which is constant) for the group and individually is truly measurable. Do it!" - G.P.

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