Womens Sacred Circles

with Caroline Culverhouse, MSS, LCSW, E-RYT

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About Womens Sacred Circles


In this time-tested, well-received Women's Sacred Circle series, Caroline will teach and facilitate discussions on mystical and esoteric concepts and introduce energy clearing and meditation practices that help you get connected to your own divinity and ability at any time to connect in with the greater meaning of your own precious life. 


The theme of this particular seasons series will be Finding Center. We will discuss and explore different concepts across metaphysical and esoteric paths and practice guided meditations and energy clearings to help you really touch in with our own deepest core. The intention is to help women come into community, creating a circle of support and love just in showing up and to come into the core of themselves so that no matter what is going on with Covid, politics or the snow globe of life we all find ourselves in, you have a way to access your truth, your center, your sweet soul. 

Everything is presented in a "take what you like, leave the rest" manner. No one is forced to believe any of it! In fact, Caroline encourages participants to only use whatever information is most helpful and empowering to them and to translate everything she shares back into language that makes sense to them. Caroline's style of teaching and facilitating is inclusive, relational, and inspiring as well as grounded in the present day here and now reality of our existence. 


Caroline has been leading women's psychotherapy and spirituality groups and retreats all over the country for over a decade now and would love to welcome you into her heart! For more info on Caroline, visit www.homepym.com

$315 paid in full - Virtual | $360 paid in full - In Person at Waimea Yoga, HI

Email for payment plan options (virtual option only)


VIRTUAL--> Sundays 3-4:30pm EST

Oct 18-Dec 20, 2020

IN-PERSON--> Sundays 5:30-7pm HST

Nov 15, 2020 - Jan 17, 2021

$315 Paid in full (virtual)

$360 In Person

Payment Plan options available (virtual only)

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