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Womens Sacred Circle: The Many Faces of the Healer

with Caroline Culverhouse, MSS, LCSW, CGP, E-RYT

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About Womens Sacred Circles


In addition to having a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment in which to share with other like minded women, each sacred circle explores a different sacred theme. This sacred circle is all about discovering our own healing magic. Unlike in other more didactic trainings on energy healing, this sacred circle is actually intended to help you find your own energy healing mojo and spirit medicine. We are each a macrocosm of the macrocosm. Within the One--which is within us-- are infinite possibilities, infinite complexity, and infinite variations. As such, no two instruments (meaning us) are played by the divine in the same way because no two instruments are the same. 


While it's extremely helpful to learn modalities such as Reiki  and other forms of energy healing (as in its always wise to learn from the pros), it's also equally important to learn how the God/Source/Spirit wants you to help heal yourself and others. Not every one is meant to heal others through transmitting energy directly to a person. Sometimes that actually ends up sending people the not so great energy we may have been feeling all day. There are many other ways to heal. Some of you are like shamans, easily able to access helpful beings in other dimensions to get the job done. Others of you are like High priestess, readily downloading information from Spirit necessary to help that person make shifts in their life in order to more effectively heal themselves. Some of you are like medicine women receiving information on exactly the right herb or tincture or environment in mother nature that would help the person heal. Others of you are energy healing masters, emitting energy through your hands and heart like nobody's business. 


In this sacred circle we explore many ways in which healing gifts come through us in order to find the way(s) that feel natural and in alignment with us as the perfectly unique person we are. We try on practices and techniques. We explore the frontiers of our own magic, practicing on ourselves and others.  Like all sacred circles you are introduced to topics meant to ignite your spiritual passion and curiosity. No circle with Caroline offers a specialization in any domain. Think hearty, fulfilling buffet rather than French cuisine. The specificity and specialization is on you. After you discover your healing path, then you have the information you need to then begin studying more and honing in on your particular path(s) as a healer. 


Weekly themes: 


Week 1: Defining Healing, Healer and Energy Work

Week 2: The sixth sense and psychic gifts 

Week 3: Beginning to Explore our gifts and Getting out of our own way

Week 4: The Many faces of healing

Week 5: Healing through energy

Week 6: Distance Healing and how it works

Week 7: Healing through Use of angels and guides

Week 8: Healing through animal and plant medicine 

Week 9: Healing through breath and the heart 

Week 10: Healing though sound vibration 

Week 11: What's your healing medicine? Wrap up. Review. 


Caroline has been leading women's psychotherapy and spirituality groups and retreats all over the country for over a decade now and would love to welcome you into her heart! For more info on Caroline, visit

2023 Dates TBD

Registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

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