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Leveling Up, Owning the Ascension Process 

Retreat in Sedona, Arizona - the World's Energy Vortex Mystical Mecca

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About the Retreat

Are you going through a hard to explain transformation in which your psychic centers are opening at such a rapid pace you sometimes think you're going crazy? 


Do you have a deep intuitive knowing that something big and profound is about to happen in your life and in the world around you? 


Are you feeling "Ascension symptoms" such as rapidly moving energy and vibration within your body; digestive irregularities; dizziness and tingles; frequent high pitched frequencies in your inner ears; a knowing that you need to leave a relationship that otherwise seems "fine";  a feeling of being both in this world and not in this world; a desire to go to certain places that you just cannot explain; a loss of interest in pleasures, people and ways of being that always used to seem interesting to you; knowing higher truths but not knowing how you know it; seeing signs and symbols at an almost obnoxiously frequent rate; feeling supported and guided at all times but not able to explain it, a craving for quiet and space to go inward stronger than ever before?  


Well, you're not alone, and nothing is wrong with you! In fact, it's time to celebrate because you are well on your way to becoming who your soul, your highest self has always wanted you to be! During this life-changing retreat Caroline Culverhouse, MSS, LSW, E-RYT--psychotherapist, group psychotherapist, meditation instructor, mysticism teacher, intuitive, healer, seasoned expert retreat and group process facilitator--guides and supports a select group of individuals through the Ascension process. Caroline provides participants with clear, concise and effective meditation, grounding, and energy healing practices and insight to help them integrate, embrace and expand their awakening. While Sedona is known to have "vortex" centers, Caroline and most energy sensitive folks believe and experience all of Sedona to be a vortex. We will hike and meditate in Sedona's main energy vortex centers but the truth is we will be tuning up our vibration the very moment we arrive. The energy of Sedona will allow all your natural psychic,intuitive, spiritual and energetic gifts to surface in full force which will then allow Caroline to work with you within the group and individually to ground, integrate, understand, and safely expand upon your awakening Ascension process. Your awakening is for the empowerment and expansion of humanity. Your gifts are not by accident and you have not arrived at this retreat description randomly! 


Caroline will guide participants in transformative discussions, meditation, contemplation and grounding and provide them with a tool box to go home with to keep interpreting their spiritual transformation and expanded consciousness into their right here, right now lives. While she is ever expanding into dimensions in the 5d and beyond world, Caroline is also deeply rooted in the psychological reality of our 3d world having been trained in and spent over half her life in a rigorous psychoanalytic process of observing and understanding her thoughts within the realm of psychology. Consequently, Caroline is particularly skilled at helping individuals differentiate between psychic/spiritual phenomena and psychological distortions. Caroline's clients and students tend to experience immense peace in understanding that their spiritual and psychic awakenings can be rooted in the here and now and integrated into their psychological, physical embodiment in a way that helps them successfully navigate their worlds as multidimensional, relational beings. 


What participants will gain from this retreat are the following:

1) Effective and clear tools for grounding and integrating psychic, intuitive, energetic phenomena

2) Clear explanations and practical demonstrations of clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognisaince.

3) A grounded understanding of the Ascension process

4) A clear and inspiring perspective on their true purpose 

5) A breathtaking and unforgettable experience of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world 

6) A sturdy step-by-step plan for continued embodied, integrated awakening 

7) Experiences of unity consciousness and profound peace on Sedona's key energy vortex rocks

Dates: Wednesday October 23rd 12:00 pm to Sunday 11:00 October 27th, 2019


Schedule: Every day we will hike a different energy vortex; have Ascension process talks with Caroline; meditation, energy healing and grounding workshops; and free time to explore and experience the amazing blessings of Sedona. 



Tuition includes meals, one one-on-one sessions with Caroline, transportation from their airport. (does not include lodging or airfare): $1200 pay in full by September 30th;


A non-refundable $200 deposit is due by September 1st, 2019 in order to hold your spot! This deposit will go towards the tuition for pay-in-full and payment plan options. 


​ >>Please email office for payment plan options!<<


Lodging: We will be staying in a beautiful rustic log cabin tucked into Oak Creek Canyon (Sedona, AZ) - a five minute forest trailed walk to the river, a perfect quiet, calm oasis for our meditations, practices, discussion and our alone personal off time.  Shared and private room options available. Prices range from $75 to $200 per night.


>>Please email office for lodging options!<<

Cancellation policy: Please email us for information on our cancellation and refund policy for this particular retreat 

**A note on participation: This retreat is not for those skeptical of spiritual and esoteric information and energetic explanations of physical sensations. Basic knowledge and beginning curiosity is welcome. No need to be "advanced" (whatever that means)...but we don't have enough time in this retreat to "prove" and "debate" things. We want to have enough time to provide tools, support and integration for those already open to the reality of their awakening process. 


$1200 Early Registration by 9/30/19


FIRST 5 People to Sign up and Pay Deposit Receive the following Bonuses:
  • 45 minute follow up ascension process mentoring session with Caroline ($165 value)
  • 10% off the full rate tuition at any retreat facilitated by Caroline (value for up to 2 years post retreat)
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