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Individual In-Person and Virtual Private Retreats

Custom Experiences

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About Individual Private Retreats


Private retreats offer participants an opportunity to dive deeply into their personal transformation to expediate and amplify their healing and awakening process. The content of the retreat differs from person to person and is designed specifically with the client’s goals in mind. Retreats can be strictly metaphysical or combine a combination of spirituality and psychotherapy.

Retreats can be as focused or as loose as clients prefer. Typically, private retreats last anywhere from 2
to 7 days but single day retreats and long retreats, up to 14 days, are available. Individual private retreats involve anywhere from 2 to 8 hours of direct one-on-one time with the facilitator. Hours spent with
Caroline can include anything from psycho-spiritual counseling sessions, soul retrievals, Somatic Release and Awareness practices, experiential psychotherapy, yoga, art therapy, Heart Rhythm meditation, guided imagery instruction and much more.

Time not spent with the facilitator may include rest, reading, walking, journaling, listening to pre-
recorded meditations, breathing practices, meditating, painting, or yoga. We encourage participants to
spend as little time on devices as possible so they are able to really be present for their process.

Retreats may be conducted on the hOMe PYM campus in Berks County, PA,  or any location selected by both facilitator and client. At least three weeks out of the year Caroline reserves space for those who prefer to hold their private retreat in Sedona Arizona.

About Family Private Retreats

Private retreats for families are specifically designed to create a safe container in which families can
work through long term and short- term issues, dysfunctional patterns of relating, struggles with
communication, and general disconnect from one another.

The modalities used in family retreats are Imago Relationship Therapy and experiential psychotherapy.
The primary facilitator for private family retreats is Caroline.

Family retreats are conducted at the hOMe campus in Berks County, PA, Caroline’s home on the Big
Island of Hawaii, various retreat spaces in Sedona Arizona, the clients home, or at a location mutually
selected by the facilitator and family.

Retreat Format

Before Retreat
Participants first receive a FREE consultation with the hOMe staff member with whom they are
hoping to do the retreat. The consultation offers a safe, confidential space for the participant to share
their reasons for choosing a private retreat. 

In the consultation, participants are given time to ask any questions they may have as well as receive
an overview of what the schedule might look like based on their interests.
On Retreat
The retreat is a combination of one-on-one activities with a facilitator and personal time for
meditation, rest, and relaxation. The facilitators customize the entire schedule of activities for each
private retreatant, delivering a hand-crafted experience that addresses the specific issues the
participant wishes to address while on retreat.  
Facilitated activities depend on the type and the duration of the retreat. They may include meditation
instruction, energy healing, simple yoga, somatic release, or experiential psychotherapy exercises. In
between other activities, the facilitators review meditation practices with the retreatant that the
participant undertakes independently between facilitated sessions. The individual meditation
practices deepen the work of facilitated time.

Most activities are one-on-one with a single facilitator and the participant. In certain Psyche, Soma,
Spirit retreats, Christopher and Caroline may co-facilitate a set of experiential psychotherapy

The retreat schedule adapts to changes in the participant’s experience. This flexible approach allows
for deep exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions​

How long are private retreats?
Private retreats are 2 - 10 days.

Do I have to be working with a therapist, life coach, mentor, or spiritual adviser to schedule a private retreat?

No. If you wish to book a retreat that will contain an intensive psychotherapy component, it is
recommended to have at least 6 months therapy completed with a licensed clinician; however, this is
not a requirement.
Is meditation or yoga experience required to attend a private retreat?
No. The private retreat activities are customized to the participant’s experience level. 

What are the rates for an individual private retreat?
Rates vary depending on length and location of retreat. Please contact us for a custom quote. 
What is included in the rate?
For in person retreats, private, comfortable lodging, three meals per day, and approximately 4 - 6
hours of facilitation per day are included in retreat fee. Breakfast and lunch food is stocked in the fridge at the lodging location; a hot, organic, locally-sourced meal is served each evening. Coffee, tea, and
beverages provided. All foods selected according to participant’s preferences.

For virtual retreats, the rate includes retreat design and facilitation hours. You take care of your own food and accommodations.
What are some of the different types of Retreats we have offered before?
That’s a great question! There are many! Here are just some that have been facilitated thus far!

1. Family retreats to heal communication issues and past wounds among family members
2. Heart Rhythm Meditation retreats to invest and advance in your meditation and spiritual
3. Healing the Mother or Father Wound retreats to help heal issues surrounding your childhood
and present day issues with your mother or father in order to help restore your authenticity
and bring you to a place of more peace, perspective and forgiveness
4. Energy healing Intensives where participants focus on learning the art and skill behind healing
themselves and others with heart source energy
5. Wellness reset retreat where participants take a moment away from their busy life to focus on
their breath, body, mind and spirit so they can live a more centered, grounded and embodied
6. PTSD and trauma healing retreat where participants are guided through practices and therapy
sessions specifically intended to help them heal the wounds behind their triggers and provide a
toolkit for grounding in present moment time and coming out of hyperarousal or hypoarousal
states quickly and effectively

7. Grief healing intensives have allowed participants to take time away from their schedules to
grieve the loss of a loved one, marriage, career—whatever it may be—in a safe, loving and
supportive environment
8. Women’s Program Module 3 Retreats—this retreat has allowed women in the Women’s
Transformation and Healing program to work on the goals and objectives of this module
including re-writing the narrative around their trauma and reconceptualizing their story into one
of integrity, peace, and empowerment




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Various, 2.5 - 7 days

Pay per Retreat

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