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Learn, Grow and Heal in Hawaii!

Custom Private Retreats and Healing Intensives on "The Healing island"

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About Individual Private Retreats


hOMe’s co-founders, Caroline and Christopher offer ongoing private retreats and energy healing intensives.

Private retreats are an ideal way to continue your spiritual and emotional growth with one-on-one
support and instruction designed to your needs and goals. Unlike group retreats, private retreats are
tailored specifically to YOU. Every year we have the honor of leading approximately fifteen private
retreats at the hOMe PYM campus and in Hawaii. See the testimonials and feedback below about the

The added bonus of doing a retreat in Hawaii is we host them in retreat centers and homes with lush,
tropical surroundings and bring participants on outings to some of the worlds best beaches throughout
the retreat.

Types of Individual Private Retreats

Themes of retreats we have designed for our clients and students in the last few years include, but are
not limited to, the following:

1) Module 3 private retreat of the Women’s Healing and Transformation Program: this retreat focuses on re-writing the narrative of our lives, moving out of blame, shame and resentment into forgiveness, acceptance, and personal ownership with meditation, personal inventory, the Work of Byron Katie, journaling, energy work, soul retrievals, contemplation and more

2) Healing the Father Wound Retreat: This retreat is focused on healing emotional wounds related one’s father, including how this relationship has then affected relationships with others in adulthood. It includes meditation, experiential action methods, journaling, soul retrievals, guided meditation and energy healing

3) Healing the Mother Wound retreat: This retreat is focused on healing emotional wounds related one’s mother, including how this relationship has then affected relationships with others in adulthood. It includes meditation, experiential action methods, journaling, soul retrievals, guided meditation and energy healing

4) Healing Physical Illness (including autoimmune issues) Retreat: this retreat helps reset the nervous system with breathwork, meditation, Somatic Release and Awareness Method practices, and energy work specifically related to the particular sickness manifesting at the physical level. This retreat allows for deep understanding of the body mind-connect and how unhealed emotional wounds manifest as physical illness. It also allows your body, mind and spirit and opportunity to rest, rejuvenate, learn new pathways, and begin to heal. Participants receive two Hurqalya energy healing treatments a day as well.

5) Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Recharge Retreat: this retreat includes meditation, yoga, energy work, and spiritual counseling and serves to provide an overall sense of peace, clarity and unity within. This retreat includes an outing to a beach every day of the retreat.

"I did a private retreat with Carrie & Christopher for help with some core issues that I needed help understanding and resolving. I will say I felt like i was seen, heard & understood. It was a really safe and nonjudgmental environment that gave me the chance to really explore what had driven my life for so long. The setting was beautiful, peaceful and really gave me a chance to do the work i needed to do on myself. Would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a better understanding of themselves and wants to get well, mind, body & soul."– S.A.

6) Healing from Loss and Grief Retreat: this retreat includes healing emotional wounds related to losing someone through death, separation, or divorce. The modalities used are meditation, journaling, experiential action methods, yoga, and energy healing. The focus is on healing the heartbreak and allowing safe, supportive space to move through the grief process

7) Beginner Meditation Retreat: this retreat walks participants step by step through the first two courses of Heart Rhythm meditation so that by the end of the retreat participants know how to meditate using the power of their breath and heartbeat in alignment and are able to breath in accordance with the 5 elements. This retreat includes yoga and energy healing as well.

“Caroline is warm, genuine and compassionate. She is skilled in cultivating a safe (private retreat) space to explore personal growth.”  - DB

8) Advanced Meditation Retreat: this retreat is appropriate for inviduals who have done the first three levels of Heart Rhythm Meditation at hOMe or through the Institute of Applied Meditation on the Heart. This retreat builds on your existing Heart Rhythm Meditation practice step by step, including working with the element breaths to heal your body, mind and spirit. In this retreat you will go through the entire chakra opening and balancing sound practice sequences and receive evening ascended master meditation attunements and energy healings.

9) Energy Healing Training Retreat: this is a private or semi-private 7 day retreat that qualifies participants to begin practicing basic energy healing. Participants will receive a certificate of participation with their training hours at the end of the training. Each day participants will receive personalized instruction and practice on others as well as receiving a morning and evening energy healing treatment from Christopher. An established meditation practice is recommended.

10) Building Intuition, Spiritual Connection and Psychic Clarity Retreat: this private retreat helps participants move from 3D reality into 5D where intuition and guidance prevail. The retreat includes one on one instruction and practice in strengthening ones intuition and ability to listen and receive inner guidance and guidance from our spirit guides and helpers. It includes practice and clear instruction in developing clairaudience, claircognisance, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. Participants are trained in how to protect and clear their energy while opening
up their psychic centers safely. This is a deeply empowering and life changing experience of upgrading ones entire energetic programming.

11) Family healing retreat: this retreat is the perfect opportunity to heal emotional wounds keeping the family stuck; reorganize unhealthy family patterns, behaviors and alliances; and gain tools for continued healing and communication beyond the retreat. This retreat includes experiential psychotherapy, meditation, Imago Therapy, and yoga. Energy work and the Work of Byron Katie may also be integrated into the experience.

As a widowed mother of three adult children (all almost over 30), I can say without any hesitation that if you can only afford to do one retreat ever, this is where your money should go. Our family retreat was absolutely timely, unforgettable, and ultimately healing. Everyone learned volumes about each other without speaking, we learned about triangles and how to avoid a common trap that causes so much conflict. We learned that we need each other and love each other deeply. We heard each other’s heartbreak, and longing. Carrie is a most unusual therapist in that she can blend all these raw emotions and learning experiences onto a platform where they can be safely exposed and lovingly addressed without judgment. Much love to Carrie. -C.P. 

12) Writing and Healing Retreat: this retreat is focused specifically on those of you with a writers soul. It includes energy work, gentle yoga and meditation practices and several writing prompt assignments intended to allow you to create your own memoir, poetry, and essays. The non-writing practices open up the unconscious mind and creative centers in the body to allow the words to flow from your heart onto the paper. The intention is to use writing to heal yourself and heal others with your words.

13) Getting Clear on What you Want/ Finding your Truth Retreat: this retreat is specifically designed for those of you who have a big decision to make in regards to your life situation. Perhaps you’re contemplating getting divorced. Perhaps you want to change jobs or move to a different part of the country. Maybe you have no idea what you want but know how you’re living your life now isn’t working for you. This retreat uses specific meditation, energy healing, and experiential methods used to help you hack your intuition and get into alignment with your inner most truths. We clear away the mental debris so that by the end of the retreat you are clear on what direction to take. This retreat needs a minimum of five days in order to produce the kind of clarity and vision necessary to know your answer and feel confident in it.


Private retreats in Hawaii don't just include instruction within your Hawaii abode, but also 3 to 4 trips to some of he most beautiful beaches in the world. During these beach outings we will meditate, relax, write and do yoga depending on the theme of your retreat.

Location: Integrative Awakening Retreat Home on Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii

Meals: Breakfast and lunch foods will be in your fridge waiting for you upon your arrival. We will send you a food choice menu prior to your arrival so we are sure to get you what you like! A gourmet, homemade dinner will be served to you each evening (exception includes sunset beach adventures in which case we bring dinner with us for you).

Dates and Rates: Please email us to find out about how you or you and your family can book your Hawaii hOMe retreat today!

Rates: rates vary depending on lodging and type of retreat. Please email us to discuss!

Various, 2.5 - 7 days

Pay per Retreat

Payment plans available

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