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Cultivating Intuition and Owning Your Intuitive Gifts Retreat

with Caroline Culverhouse, MSS, LCSW, CGP, E-RYT

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About The Retreat



As we start transitioning back into a new way of being in the world after the snow globe shake up of political, economic, pandemic insanity we have been in for the last couple years, there may be for some of you an inclination to take a deep breath before charging forward again. Perhaps with all the input from all ends--friends, family, social media, media, alternative media, science, non-science, etc, etc, etc--you've come to realize that truly the most important thing any of us can do is stay true to ourselves. our 


The Cultivating Intuition and Owning Your Intuitive Gifts Retreat creates a safe space to help us take that breath and recommit to AUTHENTIC SELVES and our OWN TRUTH. The cultivation of our intuition and a connection to your own psychic gifts is like having a lamp in the midst of darkness. No matter what is going on, who is saying what or telling you what to do, you trust your gut. You trust your vision. You trust your heart.


During this beautiful and powerful weekend together, Caroline will be helping participants develop a deep connection with their own intuition through the messages their body receives, connection with their higher selves, connection to our spiritual helpers, and practice understanding their present or perhaps dormant gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. Our 6th sense is our birth right. It is not some magical thing that only psychics and healers have. We all are psychic. We all have intuition. We all have our own way in which we are connected to all that we may not be able to see with our normal vision. 


The practices in the retreat will be fun, empowering and affirming. The retreat will also include morning yoga sessions and plenty of opportunity to explore the trails and walk into town as we are just blocks away from Main street!! Also special guest Pam Pouzeshi, psychic medium and spiritual counselor, will be available throughout the retreat to give one on one spirit medium readings and mentoring sessions to those interested. 

Dates: Spring 2022 - Dates TBD

Tuition Investment: $499 if registered and paid by February 1st; or $599 if thereafter. Payment plans are available.

Accommodations are separate (including meals and snacks) beginning at $115 per night.

Spring 2022 - Dates TBD

$499 Early Reg by Feb 1st

$599 Thereafter

Payment plans available

About The Facilitator: Caroline (or "Carrie") Culverhouse, MSS, LCSW, CGP, E-RYT is a somatic psychotherapist and a certified group and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice. She is also a certified yoga and Heart Rhythm Meditation instructor, intuitive, healer, mentor and spiritual teacher with the great honor of having led over 100 group and private retreats over the last 13 years. Caroline's style of facilitating can best be described as connecting, fun, engaging, welcoming, down to earth and just a tad bit irreverent.  For more information on Caroline and her qualifications, please visit 

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